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My road trip adventure

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Feb. 11th, 2010 | 06:16 pm
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posted by: erynn999 in pantheacon

I should have been in Berkeley tonight.

Last night I got stranded in Ashland, OR when my car broke down. We got the part that I was told I needed (the alternator, after I'd had a new battery put in to replace the 8-year-old one that died). It was expensive but I got a loan for it. When they put that in, they found that the AC compressor was also shot. They're getting a rebuilt one sent down from Portland for me and I should be on my way by early afternoon tomorrow. This is another expense that I can't really afford, but which has to be dealt with if I don't want to spend the rest of my life in Ashland.

Anyway, I won't be to the con until late-ish on Friday, but this won't affect my presentation schedule; my first presentation is Saturday afternoon.

I'm okay, I'm at a really nice little hostel in Ashland with the lovely couple who run the place. I'm the only guest here tonight and I'm curled up in front of the fireplace all warm and snug while it's raining outside. I have privacy, dinner, and wifi access, so I'm pretty happy, all things considered.

I'm very thankful that I wasn't stranded in the Siskiyou pass. I didn't have to be towed very far, and I didn't have to wait long for the truck last night. Friends down in the Bay Area are doing what they can to help out.

I'll be there tomorrow and am very much looking forward to seeing everyone!

I hope everybody else's transit is much less fraught than my own. Blessings to everyone.

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